Yn augustus 2018 wie der wat machtichs …
In August 2018 there was something great …

Diversity Festival yn/in Fryslân!!!!

Terp of Tales

The festival

The Diversity Festival is the cultural event in summer of the Youth of European Nationalities,  where youth of European minorities come together to join cultural workshops to create a cultural, diverse and multilingual final show to share and show the cultural richness of Europe.

The Diversity Festival: news, updates and pictures

You can see pictures, updates and news on the FYK Facebook.

And a daily Frisian blog was posted during the event on Itnijs.

You can watch the final show which was made and prepared by the participants during the week on the final show


In 2018  there were four workshops:
  • theatre
  • choir “minority tunes”
  • minority languages “minority voices”
  • digital tale telling

The youth did not only come to learn, but also actively brought materials and stories to use during the workshops as to learn from each other. The theme for this material was folktales, as they are a rich source of language and culture.

The name of the festival is Terp of Tales. A terp is a man-made hill Frisians made centuries ago, to keep themselves safe from the incoming sea everyd day. Nowadays, these terpen are still beacons of Frisian community, to be seen throughout the province. This week, we will build our own terp, our beacon of our international community.




The complete programme

Questions, comments or something else?

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